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fietsroute Haagse Landgoederen

If you follow the route Hague Estates, your cycling quickly Forest in The Hague. This area was once part of a great forest that stretched to Alkmaar. Despite the current forest is narrow, you can see much.

There live hawks and kingfishers. Red deer. And there grow large old trees. Furthermore you come during the tour of several estates such as Clingendael and Beech Hage. And during the summer months in Katwijk you can enjoy a beautiful view over the dunes from the lighthouse from 1605. You can see the route as long as you want: 23 or 48 kilometers. The Hague Central Station, you can rent a bike, check in advance or just For more information about the process. And do not forget the world famous pancakes to eat pancakes at the house on the Malieveld.


This route (52 km) you will discover the surprising green near The Hague. The area around The Hague and Wassenaar (near the coast and political capital) has been for centuries a favorite region worked for estates and country houses. Here is, therefore, much of the reflected. The wooded estates and historic properties that you find along the way, show you a different side seeing the usually busy Randstad. This booklet contains a map of the route along with a detailed directions. There are some added tips that while riding may come in handy. sights way, but also catering establishments and bicycle. Private transport This route starts from Parliament Buildings in The Hague, but if you want the car (and own bikes), you can have the route, for example, pick from one of the parking spaces shown on the map. Short route The route can be shortened by the circle around Recreation Vlietland (7 km) at Voorschoten skipping. Long live the estate This route is part of a series of three routes that in the context of the theme year 'Long Live the Estate "(2008) issued by province of South Holland. These routes will introduce the rich history of manors and estates in South Holland. For more information on estates or cycling in South Holland, please visit Many cycling pleasure!


View the complete route HERE


38th edition ABN AMRO CPC Run    Den Haag

Locatie : Den Haag Datum : 11-03-2012 Fancy a challenge? Take part in the 38th edition of the ABN AMRO CPC Run in The Hague. This sport event takes place annually in the Hague and attracts tens of thousands of participants and visitors. Your age doesn't matter and there's a choice of distances from the Children's Run to a Half Marathon, a Company Run to the Student Run. Spectators gather on the Malieveld where they are entertained by a full music programme with different bands or they look for a good spot to stand along the course to cheer on the runners.


Inlichtingen via : Den Haag Marketing Telefoonnummer : 0900-3403505 (€ 0,45 pm)

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Park Life

Walk In The Zuiderpark   

It is a beautiful park simply to walk. Enjoy the nature! See the flower, the rose garden or deer camp. You are also welcome in the city farm, one of the playgrounds, or take a walk! Read more about the beautiful nature of the South Park The Hague.

Football : ADO Den Haag Eredivisie 2012


ADO (All Through Exercise) was established on February 1, 1905. The club started life in the former cafe 'The Court of Berlin "on the Papestraat 32 in The Hague. The cafe was owned by the father of one of the boys (Jan van Gulik) who founded the club. The boys were at that time every day after school to play football at the foot of the Hague Tower. Football was still officially a sport that was practiced by boys from the higher classes, but gradually expanded the popularity of football spread to wider sections of the population.





early years

ADO in 1906-1907 was in name only, because by default of the young club members could not do anything financially. But, once well underway ADO showed its true face. In the 1907-1908 season she became the first champion in the history (of the 3rd class of the Hague Football Association). It did not yet strong enough to go to the 2nd class to graduate. The next season was ADO again with flying colors champion of the 3rd class HVB. This time she suddenly promoted from the 3rd to the 1st class HVB. In the 1911-1912 season followed promotion to the 3rd class (NVB was called as the KNVB).

Clublogo van ADO Den Haag

Het heeft zelfs nog een kleine kans op het spelen van Champions League voetbal, aangezien de club uit Zuid-Holland met nog acht wedstrijden te gaan slechts zeven punten achter staat op Ajax.

Darije Kalezic, trainer van de Graafschap, is erg onder de indruk van ADO. Hij vindt met name de voorhoede erg sterk en hij noemt ze de relevatie van het huidige seizoen. Met spelers als Verhoek, Bulykin en Immers hebben ze fantastische aanvallers, maar ook het middenveld kent veel diepgang. Het zal voor de Graafschap vandaag dan ook een lastige klus worden. Toch mag Kalezic trots zijn op zijn ploeg, aangezien de verlatende trainer op een veertiende positie staat in de Eredivisie. Ondanks deze veilige stand zal de trainer de Doetinchemmers toch verlaten aan het einde van het seizoen. Kalezic zal tegen ADO Den Haag geen gebruik kunnen maken van Muslu Nalbantoglu, Jan-Paul Saeijs en Youssouf Hersi vanwege blessures. Ook doen Purrel Fränkel en Jordy Buijs niet mee. Beide spelers ontbreken vanwege een schorsing.


Het elftal van John van den Brom is zo goed als fit en verwacht wordt dan ook op een overwinning van ADO. De bookmakers hebben ADO Den Haag desondanks een odd gegeven van 2.20 ( Unibet ), wat gezien mag worden als een zeer interessante bet.


Programma ADO Den Haag 2011/2012


ADO Den Haag


FC Den Haag North Side



KNVB Beach Soccer NK 2012

Eind juli


KNVB Beach Soccer organiseert het KNVB Beach Soccer Nederlands Kampioenschap in The Hague Beachstadion Scheveningen.

Alle winnaars van de KNVB Beach Soccer voorronden strijden op zaterdag 31 juli en zondag 1 augustus, in het The Hague Beachstadion om het Nederlands Kampioenschap! Er wordt gestreden in de volgende categorieën:

- Eredivisie

- Mannen

- Vrouwen

- G-leauge

- Jeugd: Kabouters, F-jeugd, E-jeugd, D-jeugd, C-jeugd en B-jeugd?






Ook dit jaar verwachten we in alle categorieën weer veel voetbal spektakel! Tevens is dit de afsluiting van het beach soccer seizoen. Wilt u dit voetbal spektakel van dichtbij meemaken? kom dan zaterdag 31 juli en zondag 1 augustus naar het The Hague Beachstadion in Scheveningen.


locatie: The Hague Beachstadion - Noordelijk Havenhoofd in Scheveningen


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Water sports The wind blows across the beach, the waves are high and invite you to jump into the water. On a good day you'll see lots of kite surfers out to sea - it's a real spectacle. Would you rather get on a board than just stand there watching? Lessons will be given from April on the Zuiderstrand, around the head of the harbour.