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Fun for everyone Den Haag, Netherlands, has a large variety of cultural attractions to offer, and is therefore very popular among tourists. Things to do in Den Haag are plentiful. tripwolf helps you find the best things to see in Den Haag. Below we listed the best sights and museums in Den Haag according to tripwolf's travel community.


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Boat Tours

Vrijheidsvaarten 2012

Freedom is less obvious than is sometimes thought. It's good over there to stand still. Freedom, you celebrate. This can in many ways. The Ooievaart doing that again this year with a special theme navigation through our Hague Canals.


29 april,1, 2 en 3 mei 2012

Tour: The Story of The Hague    -   Sightseeing in The Hague

‘The Story of The Hague’ is a city walk for young and old alike and is designed to introduce participants to the city’s history. The tours will be held not only in Dutch and English but also in German and French (on request). Led by a guide from Gilde The Hague, the tour takes you to the most prominent places in The Hague’s history starting with a visit to The Hague Historical Museum. There you will see some great objects from The Hague’s history, such as the ‘Tongue and Toe’.


Followed by a walk round the historic city centre and the Mesdag Quarter, the tour ends with a visit to Panorama Mesdag. Here you enter ‘the biggest painting in the Netherlands’ and you will experience the magical optical illusion of this fascinating 1881 panorama of Scheveningen.



The Manor House: Museums - Art Galleries

Adjoining the Mauritshuis, the Binnenhof is surrounded by parliamentary buildings that have long been at the heart of Dutch politics, though parliament now meets in a modern building on the south side.

The central courtyard looks sterile now but was once used for executions. A highlight of the complex is the 13th-century Ridderzaal (Knights' Hall). The Gothic dining hall has been carefully restored.



Secret Gardens

Secret Gardens: Unieke collectie rozen, mede dankzij het jaarlijkse Rozenconcours (juli).

Openingstijden: dagelijks: ma-zo 09.00-21.00 uur (tijdens bloeitijd rozen)

Adres:  [toon kaart] Kapelweg  35C 2587BK Den Haag Nederland (Zuid-Holland)


14 mei t/m 20 mei.2012

Secret Gardens: De Japanse Tuin the magnificent Japanese Garden in Clingendael Park reopens to the public on 30 April 2012. The garden is open daily from 9.00 to 20.00 hrs. until 10 June 2012. Admission is free.



The Hague is a city of royal stature, a special touch in the entire city is reflected. Yet holds Hague more than this gracious face. From majestic sights to neighborhood cafes and fancy restaurants to a Harinkje gasping for Buitenhof: The Hague is royal but human time. The Hague also has a prominent international role. The rich history of the city is reflected in the magnificent buildings scattered across the city. Beautiful parks and the beach a short distance, give the city a special character. We went to investigate in this big city and came to many fun and unique places that are worth visiting.


Madurodam• 1st April


If you like model railways or miniature objects, this place is paradise. The models are beautifully constructed and very accurate, and the grounds are landscaped with lawns and gardens and hundreds of bonsai trees, many of them 6o years old but only 1/2 metre high! The models are exact replicas of real buildings in Holland. if you are having a trip to the Netherlands it is really worth checking out some of the interesting buildings you might see by going to see them in Madurodam first! Utrecht cathedral, the canals of Amsterdam,many historic houses,