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fietsroute Haagse Landgoederen,If you follow the route Hague Estates, your cycling quickly Forest in The Hague. This area was once part of a great forest that stretched to Alkmaar. Despite the current forest is narrow, you can see much.

There live hawks and kingfishers. Red deer. And there grow large old trees. Furthermore you come during the tour of several estates such as Clingendael and Beech Hage. And during the summer months in Katwijk you can enjoy a beautiful view over the dunes from the lighthouse from 1605. You can see the route as long as you want: 23 or 48 kilometers. The Hague Central Station, you can rent a bike, check in advance or just For more information about the process. And do not forget the world famous pancakes to eat pancakes at the house on the Malieveld.


Event : Life I Live Festival Locatie : Binnenst ad Den Haag Datum : 29-04-2012 Internet : Inlichtingen via : Prooost Telefoonnummer : 070-3606033 Dynamische muziekfestival op 7 buitenpodia en tal van binnenpodia met diverse muziekstijlen waarbij kwaliteitsmuziek centraal staat.


Ter afsluiting van Koninginne dag 2012 is er van 22.00 – 23.00 uur bij Park Marialust een

een betoverend vuurwerk geboden, wat vooraf gegaan wordt door een unieke hedendaagse voorstelling. Wat dat is? Kijkt u maar bij Marialust onder Programma.

De Haagse kermis staat opgesteld op de Lange Voorhout, Lange Vijverberg en Buitenhof. De kermis start dagelijks om 14.00 uur en gaat door tot 24.00 uur.


A Holiday Week in The Hague


Starting with the Life I Live Festival on Sunday, 29 April and ending with the Bevrijdingsfestival on Saturday, 5 May The Hague will be filled this year with plenty of hustle and bustle!

Geranium market on Lange Voorhout


Queen’s Day and other Dutch holidays

The Queen's Day (Koninginnedag) festivities kick off Sunday evening with the Life I Live Festival, an free open-air music festival in and around the city centre. The following day, Queen's Day itself, will feature royal cycling tours, boat rides on The Hague canals, flea markets, and much more. The shops on the Grote Marktstraat will also be open on Koninginnedag.

Haagse Koninginnedag


The mood will become more solemn on Remembrance Day on Friday, 4 May when the country pays tribute to the victims of the Second World War.


Liberation Day on Saturday, 5 May will be celebrated this year in a grand way with the Bevrijdingsfestival in and around the Spuiplein, including all kinds of free concerts, a political debate, lectures on freedom, poetry readings, stand-up comedy, children’s activities and a festival market with philanthropic organisations.

Holiday activities


   Life I Live Festival (29 April)

   Queen's Day in The Hague (30 April)

   Geranium market on Lange Voorhout (30 April)

   Queen's Day and Remembrance boat rides by Willemsvaart (30 April, 1 to 5 May)

   Japanese Garden in Clingendael Park (30 April to 10 June)

   Orange & Freedom boat rides in The Hague canals (1 to 3 May)

   Commemoration for the vicitims of the Second World War (4 May)

   Remembrance Day & Liberation Day (4 & 5 May)

   Bevrijdingsfestival Den Haag (5 May)

   Fun Fair on the Lange Voorhout (20 April to 6 May)

   Holiday closing times for municipal services


The Hague Events and Festivals 2012 / 2013

(The Hague / Den Haag, Netherlands, NL)


The Hague Events and Festivals: Photo of the Kurhaus in Scheveningen resort

There are always plenty of things to do in The Hague, with the city being extremely proud of its huge calendar of festivals. Events regularly take place each month in The Hague and range from carnival parades and live music, to beer festivals, fireworks and even sand sculpting, starting off with the rather chilly Winter Swim on New Year's Day.


Late April sees the KoninginneNach, when The Hague hosts a huge anticipatory party to celebrate the arrival of Queen's Day (Koninginnedag) on the following day, when street entertainment and markets can be expected. Dan Haag's Scheveningen International Sand Sculpture Festival is a particular highlight in May, as is The Hague Jazz Festival, which attracts both Danish and international jazz artists.


The Hague Events and Festivals: Different view of the Kurhaus hotel. Indonesian culture is celebrated during the Eurasian festival known as the Pasar Malam Besar, held in The Hague during the months of both May and June, while at the very end of June, the Parkpop music festival is one not to miss. Drawing crowds of more than 350,000 each year, Park Pop takes place in Zuiderpark and is the biggest free outdoor concert in the whole of Europe.


The Hague offers a host of summer festivals, such as the North Sea Regatta at the beginning of June, a popular sailing competition based around the shoreline of the Scheveningen resort. From June to September, the established Den Haag Sculptuur takes place and comprises of an open-air exhibition of various large sculptures, along the Lange Voorhout, transforming the city into nothing short of an open-air art museum.


The Hague Events and Festivals: Photo of fairground at the resort of Scheveningen. Now regarded by many as one of the very best jazz events on the planet, the North Sea Jazz Festival draws huge crowds to The Hague in the middle of July, being followed soon after by the two-day Jazz in de Gracht event, where you can enjoy live jazz music onboard boats around the Passantenhaven area.


Numerous fireworks displays light up the evening skies with bright colours in July and August. Other events at this time of the year in The Hague include the Milan Hindustani Festival in July, the Haagse Schilderswijk Bazar in August, and also the Prinsjesdag in mid-September.

The Hague Events and Festivals
Coming To Town

8th edition Movies That Matter Festival

March 22-03-2012 tm 28-03-2012

The Ugandan lawyer Margaret Sekaggya this year's guest of honor at the Movies that Matter Festival in The Hague, which takes place from 22 to 28 March in The Hague and Filmhouse Theater Spui. The UN rapporteur for human rights defenders is a guest at a number of film screenings and debates and gives a masterclass on its work.

The festival of films and documentaries that 'matter', alongside films and debates also offers musical performances and photo exhibitions. There are also special programs on topics such law and justice (Rule of Law), and human rights activists (A Matter of Act).


At the festival experience their world premiere five films, including Refugees: Who Needs Them? Miles Roston on arrival in the Netherlands by a group of refugees from Libya, Ethiopia, China and Bhutan.

Furthermore, including Justice for Sale screened, the concluding part of the Trilogy of the Congo directing sisters Ilse and Femke van Velzen. Also, for example, Peace vs. Justice to see the Dutch director Klaartje Quirijns. They investigated the role of the International Criminal Court in the trial against the Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony.



Opening Special Flight Movie is the documentary from

director Fernand Melgar on asylum seekers who are stuck in Switzerland


Locatie : Filmhuis Den Haag/Theater aan het Spui

Van 22 t/m 28 maart 2012 vindt in Den Haag het Movies that Matter Festival, hét jaarlijkse internationale film- en debatfestival van de geëngageerde film.

Het festival biedt een podium aan speelfilms en documentaires die de aandacht vestigen op situaties waarin mensenrechten en menselijke waardigheid in het geding zijn. Het festival vindt plaats in en rond Filmhuis Den Haag en Theater aan het Spui in Den Haag, internationale stad van vrede en recht


Internet :


Sunday 29 april t/m Wednesday 27 juni 2012


The beach of Scheveningen is usually packed with sunbathers and water-sports fanatics. During the Sand Sculpture Festival, however, the beach and boulevard are dominated by massive and impressive sand sculptures.

International Sand Sculpture Artists


The art of sand sculpting is relatively new and was first introduced to the European public in 1991 in Scheveningen. Since then more and more artists have focused on this creative art form. The fourteen sculptures in Scheveningen are designed by international artists.

Sand Art Scheveningen


There are many reasons to visit Scheveningen: the beach, water sports and many clubs and restaurants. The Sand Sculpture Festival is another reason to visit Scheveningen and watch the world’s best sand sculpture artists create something out of nothing.

locatie: Op het strand voor de boulevard van Scheveningen


web. website

International Sandsculpture Festival 29.04.2012
Walk the Line festival  11.05.2012

Evenement : Walk the Line festival Locatie : Binnenstad Den Haag Datum : 11-05-2012 tm 12-05-2012 Internet : Inlichtingen via : Crossing Border Telefoonnummer : 070-3462355 Nationale- en internationale acts op verschillende plaatsen in de Haagse binnenstad, voor de liefhebbers van alternatieve pop, rock en dance.

Locaties: Paard van Troje, de Lutherse Kerk, De Supermarkt en de Zwarte Ruiter op De Grote Markt.


Het Walk the Line Festival speelt zich af in het Paard van Troje, Paardcafé, de Supermarkt en de Zwarte Ruiter, het Nutshuis en het Humanity House. Met een ticket heb je op de betreffende avond toegang tot alle festivallocaties. Wissel je (e-)ticket op de festivaldag zelf om voor een polsbandje in de festivaltent op de Grote Markt.

Zes Walk The Line festivallocaties bevinden zich op en rond de Grote Markt in Den Haag, het Nutshuis bevindt zich op de Riviervismarkt, op 5 wandelminuten afstand. Zowel vanaf Centraal Station als vanaf station Hollands Spoor is het ongeveer 15 minuten lopen. Met de tram: vanaf Den Haag CS met tram 2, 3, 4 of 6 (richting centrum) uitstappen in de tramtunnel, halte Grote Markt. Vanaf Den Haag Hollands Spoor met tram 1 of 16 (richting centrum) uitstappen halte Centrum en dan door de Grote Marktstraat lopen. Parkeren in de buurt is lastig maar kan wel in parkeergarages in de directe omgeving.


Paard van Troje:

Openbaar Vervoer

vanaf Hollands Spoor: bus 18 (richting centrum) halte Amsterdamse Veerkade uitstappen. Stationsstraat/Wagenstraat uitlopen en dan bij de Bijenkorf linksaf (circa 5 min. lopen)


vanaf Centraal Station: tram 2, 3, 6 of bus 25(richting centrum)

Deze stoppen op de Prinsegracht direct voor het Paard van Troje.


Kaarten voor vrijdag 11 mei kosten 25 euro.

Een passe-partout voor beide dagen kost 40 euro.


Zaterdag 4 augustus 2012


Schollenpop stands for sun, sea, beach and of course live pop and rock music. And all for free. After the famous Parkpop Schollenpop is fast becoming the 2nd great free pop festival in The Hague to be. At the "House of Rock Stage" in collaboration with the project of the bandcoaching Koorenhuis bands from the Haaglanden programmed. This combined with the beach as festival guarantees a fun day Scheveningen!


For free access Schollenpop pop festival, which this year takes place on Saturday, August 4 at the South Beach at Scheveningen, the first names. Among others, The Deaf, The Crows, Pioneers of Love and B Sharp occur.

The Deaf in August 2007 decision of Spike Zoest, Miss Fuzz Kit Carrera and the beat of the Hague ground to dig and this new lease of life, by him to mix with an overdose of garage, punk and rock 'n roll. Since their first show in The Hague it is hard with the band and follows a club tour and a series of festivals (including Appelpop, SXSW 2010, Paaspop, Koninginnenach and Black Cross). After three years playing in all corners of the Netherlands strengthen the three Hagenezen in 2010 their sound with the vile organ tunes of Skinny Mau and by the end of that year the foursome finally dives into the studio to record their debut recording deal.locatie: Zuiderstrand, Scheveningen


web. website

After North Sea Jazz, Pure Jazz and The Hague Jazz, The Hague has a new jazz festival from June weather: Jazzin 'The Hague. The first edition will take place on Friday 1 and Saturday, June 2nd at the World Forum Theater, as part of The Hague Festivals. The organization, AT Events, today announced the complete program. The ticket sale has begun.



March 28: This afternoon, the full program of Jazzin 'The Hague announced during the press conference at the Hotel Bel Air. New confirmations were hereby Macy Gray, Mezzo Forte, Kraak & Smaak, Sven Hammond Soul, Lilian Vieira, Randy Brecker, Alain Clark, Kim Hoorweg & The Houdini's, Eric Vloeimans Gatecrash, Izaline Calister, Jaco Pastorius Tribute conducted by Charles Boehle and Jazz Min Lau ft. Dez, Boris & Sax Jens Kerkhoff. The Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw will both perform with Oleta Adams, Roy Hargrove and the Royal Conservatory Big Band will share the stage with Randy Brecker, Rita Reys, Curtis Fuller and Ronny Hammond. There is also a stage of the Koorenhuis and there are performances by the graduates of the Royal Conservatory. Also, the Hague jazz clubs The Regent Room, The Father, EJP @ Pavlov and English Society at the festival will present an act which they are proud of and the profile of their jazz club uitlicht.

Jazzin’ The Hague  1/2 .06.2012

Vrijdag 1 juni 2012


   Jazzorchestra of the Concertgebouw ft. Roy Hargrove

   Alain Clark

   Roy Hargrove’s RH Factor

   Roberta Gambarini

   Rosenberg Trio ft. Dorado Schmitt & Florin Niculescu

   Wouter Hamel

   New Cool Collective Big Band

   Curtis Fuller

   Dutch Swing College Band

   Kim Hoorweg & The Houdini’s

   Peter Beets & The USA Connection

   Eric Vloeimans Gatecrash

   Hans Dulfer Quintet

   Jaco Pastorius Tribute o.l.v. Karel Boehle

   Izaline Calister

   Haagse jazzclubs presenteren

   Jules Deelder

   Jazz Min Lau ft. Dez & Boris Sax & Jens Kerkhoff

   Het Koorenhuis-podium.



Zaterdag 2 juni 2012


   Macy Gray

   Roy Hargrove Quintet


   Jazzorchestra of the Concertgebouw ft. Oleta Adams

   Nueva Manteca

   Kraak & Smaak Live Band

   Dulfer New Band

   Barry Harris Trio

   Tiny Little Bigband

   Sven Hammond Soul

   Lilian Vieira

   Kurt Rosenwinkel Standards Trio

   Randy Brecker

   Koninklijk Conservatorium Bigband ft. Randy Brecker

   Rita Reys

   Ronny Hammond

   DJ Maestro

   Conservatorium Afstudeerders




Friday 25 t/m Monday 28 may 2012

A strong wind rages across The Hague's beach, your sunglasses keep the sun out of your eyes. You scan the horizon looking for the winning catamaran in the battleground. It is an exciting race; after days of sailing acrobatics, four international 'cats' battle for the title and try to outwit one another on Scheveningen's waves. This is sailing at its best, the Delta North Sea Regatta! This regatta is an annual international top sport event just off the coast of Scheveningen. Every year teams from all wind directions battle for the title. You can feel the sailors' tension on the beach, on the boulevard and even in the harbour. Combine the North Sea Regatta with a fun day out in The Hague: - end your day with a walking dinner in Scheveningen. Eat and saunter from restaurant to restaurant for a delicious dinner; - or step on the tram to the city centre for an evening of culture. The town centre is just 10 minutes away from the beach (by tram); - sleep like a royal in one of the hospitable hotels and discover The Hague the next day while you are shopping.


locatie: haven van Scheveningen


web. website

North Sea Regatta  25/28.05.2012

Parkpop 2012 will take place on Sunday 24 June.

The festival will start at 13.00 and go on till 21.30.


Wanna visit one of the largest free popfestivals in Europe? Come along and join in the fun at Parkpop! Whoever says pop music, says The Hague. The Hague has for years been the Netherlands' pop city number one. So every reason for this to be the venue for one of our country's oldest and largest pop festivals. Parkpop has a rich history, including several ‘greats' from the national and international pop world. Take Robbie Williams, The Bangles, Beth Hart, Jamie Cullum, Kim Wilde, Marillion, Kelis or Mory Kante, all Parkpop veterans. Last year Parkpop welcomed Kula Shaker, Sheryl Crow and Orishas. Parkpop has grown from one stage and a few thousand visitors in to a mega event with three stages, hundreds and thousands of visitors and a variety of activities in the centre of The Hague.



How do I buy a ticket?

Entry to Parkpop is free! That means you don't need to buy a ticket to get into Zuiderpark. Everyone will have access to the park. However, dogs will not be admitted. Glass or cans may on no account be taken onto the site and will be liable to confiscation at the entrance as well as during field checks. Only unopened plastic bottles and cardboard boxes containing non-alcoholic soft drinks or water will be permitted, provided in limited quantities.


How do I get to Parkpop?

The Parkpop organisers strongly advise you to use public transport to get to Parkpop. Zuiderpark is easy to reach by public transport. Special Parkpop trams from The Hague Central Station (Den Haag Centraal) and special Parkpop buses from The Hague Holland Spoor (Den Haag HS) will be operating to and from the festival venue. The Parkpop trams and buses will run non-stop between 11.00 and 22.00. Please note that bus and tram cards (strippenkaarten) cannot be used on these Parkpop trams and buses! It takes roughly ten minutes to get to the festival venue. Zuiderpark can be accessed by car via the southwest side of The Hague. From the A13, A12 and A4, take the exit labelled Den Haag Zuidwest/Hoek van Holland. There are public entrances on Veluweplein, Melis Stokelaan, Loevesteinlaan and Vreeswijkstraat.

The organization of Parkpop recommends that because of the crowds come/go with public transport.

locatie: Zuiderpark, Den Haag


Programma Parkpop 2012


   Amy Macdonald

   Boyce Avenue


   Blitz The Ambassador



web. website

ParkPop 2012  24.6.2012

Vrijdag 6 t/m zondag 8 juli 2012


This unique location is 1 time per year dedicated to the Salsa, Zouk, Bachata and Salsa dancing at the Beach Festival.


Annually in the second weekend of July you can enjoy three days of workshops, parties and topshows by domestic and foreign artists on the pier.


With observation on the beach of Scheveningen on one side and the vast North Sea on the other hand, makes this festival an unforgettable Salsa experience!

locatie: De Pier


web. website

Salsabeach Festival 2012   6.7.2012
Schollenpop Scheveningen 2012    4.8.2012

Vrijdag 10 /11 & 18/19 augustus 2012

Every year attracts fireworks festival on the beach of Scheveningen tens of thousands of visitors. During the festival, which is spread over two weekends, different countries try to outdo each other with the most beautiful and spectacular firework displays. Every weekend evening there are fireworks shows. If you're planning a weekend in August Scheveningen to do, you can not miss this festival.

Country teams from eg Belgium, China, Japan, Brazil, Canada and the Netherlands will compete with each other. Within the same budget and same time period each country is trying the best fireworks show to put down. Upcoming Saturday, China and Japan's turn. And of China as' fireworks country of the world you can expect something so we thought.






Internationaal Vuurwerkfestival 
Scheveningen 2012    10.8.2012

Eind november t/m begin januari

Experience the ultimate winter feel with Coohaus (skating for the Kurhaus), Cool Igloo (40 ice sculptures in igloos) and Coollauf (a cross-country track of 1 km on the boulevard).


The ultimate winter feeling in the 4-season resort in the Netherlands!


This winter Scheveningen "the place to be" when it comes to the ultimate winter feel. Six weeks is the seaside resort of The Hague into a real ice paradise: Skating for the Kurhaus Hotel, cross the Boulevard overlooking the sea and ice sculptures to 5 feet high exhibited in white igloos on the Palace Square!



The ultimate winter feeling you experience during Cool Event Scheveningen! For six weeks Scheveningen is transformed into winter paradise. With Coolhaus you skate for the Kurhaus hotel on a 550 square meter ice rink. Also this year a large ijsglijbaan of 40 meters long and 3 meters high. Real winter fun you'll experience in Scheveningen during Cool Event!


This winter Scheveningen "the place to be" when it comes to the ultimate winter feel. Six weeks is the seaside resort of The Hague transformed into a true winter paradise: Skating for the Kurhaus Hotel, cross the Boulevard overlooking the sea and ice sculptures are exhibited 5 meters high in a white igloo village on the Palace Square!




On this beautiful rink of 550 m2 located in the famous Kurhaus hotel every day of the week from morning to evening skate. Sit on one of the winter terraces (with heating) of the restaurants surrounding the square and enjoy a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate in the winter views.



Unique in the Netherlands: Admire beautiful ice sculptures in a white igloo village with an internal temperature of -10 degrees. Upon arrival in Scheveningen, these giant igloos to miss. You will be surprised by the special

"Hague" with such themes. the gatehouse, Panorama Mesdag and the great church nativity. The igloo village is composed of three igloos in addition to the many sculptures also a real igloo ijsglijbaan entertainment, ijstroon, and many exciting sculptures especially for the little ones among us, in short, a kids paradise. The adults can enjoy themselves here at the ice bar where you can sit on chairs made ​​of ice and drinks from ijsglazen. In addition to the sculptures and ice bar is also the Royal iceroom: a room of real ice! Sleeping in palIJs Noordeinde at -10 degrees.



Skiing on the boulevard of Scheveningen! In this cross-country track, at the height of the pier, 200 feet long, you get the real winter feeling, but with sea views! Besides the cross country track is a tube orbit of 6 meters high! Here you can slip into special tires on the track.



locatie: Kurhausplein, Scheveningen


web. website

Cool Event Scheveningen 2013    13.11.2012

Especially to be able to enjoy the summer weather and the atmosphere, pop PopHotSpot earlier this year in the city. From 17 May to 3 June PopHotSpot Festival offers something for everyone. Lovers of pop, funk, rock, jazz, electro and world music can indulge at the Grand Place. In addition, for the kids, on Whit Monday, the program matched them. PopHotSpot has both national and international artists managed to snare, and they are ready to shine in The Hague! PopHotSpot is ready!


The Grote Markt in The Hague, from 17 May to 3 June completely dominated the PopHotSpot Summer Festival, which may look back on another very successful edition.


The music that was part of The Hague Festivals, did a very diverse student population and was estimated to welcome 35,000 visitors throughout the festival period.


The programming of the Summer Festival PopHotSpot this edition was characterized mainly by versatility. There were programs on the poster for both young and old and for lovers of the most diverse musical genres. Thus there were, among other singer songwriters, breakdancers, indie rock and folk, jazz and country musicians, and there was a symbiosis between pop and classical.


web. website


POP HOT spot Festival  17.05.2012


From 19.00 there will be various activities in Scheveningen and from 21:45 hours begins the real fireworks show. The full program is here. Everyone knows where he / she must be this weekend, on the beach of Scheveningen!locatie: Boulevard, Scheveningen


web. website

Anouk is Saturday, July 7, 2012 at the seventh edition of City Beat on the Malieveld in The Hague!


Anouk is not the only big name that was announced today during the press conference: Alain Clark, Youth Of Today, Gers Pardoel, Mr. Polska VanVelzen and also perform at the festival. The opening is accounted for by the Hague Crows.


This year puts the City Beat Festival is back in for charity. For each ticket sold is € 1, - donated to AMREF.


After a year absence, the Hague City Beat Festival on Saturday, July 7 back with a vengeance. The festival was first held in 2005 with performances by Golden Earring, Kane and DI-RECT and does so this year for the seventh place. This afternoon was Cloos Cafe on the Square in The Hague, the programming for the festival announced.


Programma Beatstad Festival 2012


16.45 uur De Kraaien


17.15 uur Mr. Polska


17.50 uur Gers Pardoel


18.30 uur Alain Clark


19.30 uur Van Velzen


20.30 uur De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig


21.30 uur Anouk



Beatstad Festival 2012  7.7.2012

Beat City will be opened by the Hague hiphop group The Crows, last weekend at Club 3voor12 Hague. That is certainly a nice party at the Malieveld. Then it is up to Mr. Dutch hiphop acts. Polska and Gers Pardoel to the party to continue. As in 2007 and 2009, VanVelzen at City Beat. From the Delft-based singer has recently been much in the news through its participation in the program The Voice Of Holland. Also on repetition is Alain Clark, who earlier in 2009 occurred on the Malieveld. Also, The Youth of Today, earlier this year the winner of Pop Award, has been confirmed for City Beat. The valve of Beatstad 2012, is like the previous edition, the Hague singer Anouk. The festival will give a half hour show, which after two shows in the Gelredome and Pinkpop really her last concert in the Netherlands will be.



Points of sale / outlets


web. website

Den Haag krijgt een nieuw muziekfestival aan de vooravond van Koninginnedag: het Life I Live festival. Woensdag 9 maart 2012 werden de plannen voor het nieuwe festival gepresenteerd.


Het nieuwe festival is kleinschaliger van opzet dan de Haagse Koninginnenach en het aanbod is diverser. Er komen 7 podia verspreid over de binnenstad met ieder een eigen muziekgenre en sfeer:


De naam verwijst naar het nummer ‘The Life I Live’ van Q65, de bekende Haagse band uit de zestiger jaren, en is een knipoog naar de eigenzinnigheid van muzikanten en van kunstenaars in het bijzonder. ‘Ik vind het heel knap dat jullie dit in zo’n korte tijd voor elkaar hebben gekregen,’ zei wethouder Marjolein de Jong (Cultuur) bij de presentatie. ‘Ik hoop dat dit festival een gevarieerder publiek trekt en dat het een feest wordt van jong tot oud.’

Meer informatie


Meer informatie over het festival vindt u op


   * jazz op het Noordeinde

   * blues op de Plaats

   * Haagse bands bij de Grote Kerk

   * pop op de Grote Markt

   * bands die op het punt van doorbreken staan op het Spuiplein

   * DJ’s op het Plein en de Wijnhaven.


De sfeer op de podia wordt doorgetrokken in de omringende horeca. De Rabobank is prominent sponsor van het nieuwe festival.

‘The Life I Live’ van Q65


Life I Live festival op 29 april 2012

Programma Life I Live Festival 2012


Pophotspot (Grote Markt)

20.00 uur - 21.00 uur    The Kik

21.30 uur - 22.30 uur    The Cubical

23.00 uur - 00.00 uur    Vanderbuyst


Alternive Stage (Kerkplein)

19.00 uur - 19.45 uur     WOOT

20.15 uur - 21.00 uur     Absynthe Minded

21.30 uur - 22.15 uur     Bombay Show Pig

22.45 uur - 23.30 uur     Geike

00.00 uur - 00.45 uur     GEM


The Hague Jazz Session (voor Paleis Noordeinde)

19.00 uur - 19.40 uur     Tom van der Zaal Quintet

20.05 uur - 20.50 uur     Doeshka

21.15 uur - 22.00 uur     Bruut!

22.25 uur - 23.10 uur     Deelder Draait Door

23.30 uur - 00.30 uur     New Cool Collective


Roots Square (Plaats)

19.00 uur - 19.45 uur    Small Time Crooks

20.15 uur - 21.00 uur     Jaimi Faulkner

21.30 uur - 22.15 uur     'Blues on the Run' Session

22.45 uur - 23.30 uur     Ralph de Jong & Crazy Hearts

00.00 uur - 00.45 uur     Boo Boo Davis


Rabopodium (Spuiplein)

19.00 uur - 20.00 uur     Extince

20.30 uur - 21.30 uur     School is Cool

22.00 uur - 22.45 uur     Morning Parade

23.15 uur - 00.45 uur     Jam de la Créme Meets Kytopia