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The Hague Events and Festivals 2012 / 2013

(The Hague / Den Haag, Netherlands, NL)

The Hague Events and Festivals: There are always plenty of things to do in The Hague, with the city being extremely proud of its huge calendar of festivals. Events regularly take place each month in The Hague and range from carnival parades and live music, to beer festivals, fireworks and even sand sculpting, starting off with the rather chilly Winter Swim on New Year's Day.


Photo of the Kurhaus in Scheveningen resort

Late April sees the KoninginneNach, when The Hague hosts a huge anticipatory party to celebrate the arrival of Queen's Day (Koninginnedag) on the following day, when street entertainment and markets can be expected. Den Haag's Scheveningen International Sand Sculpture Festival is a particular highlight in May, as is The Hague Jazz Festival, which attracts both Danish and international jazz artists.

Park Life

Walk In The Zuiderpark   

It is a beautiful park simply to walk. Enjoy the nature! See the flower garden, rose garden or the deer. You are also welcome in the city farm, one of the playgrounds, or take a walk! Read more about the beautiful nature of the South Park The Hague.

Sports Event

Event :

fietsroute Haagse Landgoederen,If you follow the route Hague Estates, your cycling quickly Forest in The Hague. This area was once part of a great forest that stretched to Alkmaar. Despite the current forest is narrow, you can see much.

There live hawks and kingfishers. Red deer. And there grow large old trees. Furthermore you come during the tour of several estates such as Clingendael and Beech Hage. And during the summer months in Katwijk you can enjoy a beautiful view over the dunes from the lighthouse from 1605. You can see the route as long as you want: 23 or 48 kilometers. The Hague Central Station, you can rent a bike, check in advance or just For more information about the process. And do not forget the world famous pancakes to eat pancakes at the house on the Malieveld.e mogelijkheden in het Zuiderpark.


Children’s Event

Exploring The Hague with the kids

Children can really go to town exploring all there is to see and do in The Hague!

Binnenhof : Do you like attractions? Live it up in Duinrell or in the Tikibad tropical swimming pool. How about meeting up face to face with dangerous creatures from deep under the sea? You will find them in SEA LIFE in Scheveningen.

Koninginnekermis  / Queen‘s Funfair

Locatie : Diverse lokaties Datum : 20-04-2012 tm 06-05-2012 Funfairs are seen as family entertainment, and most include a significant number of children's rides designed for children from 2 – 14 years old. Many of these are smaller, platform based rides like, cup & saucer, toysets, train rides then there are smaller slower versions of the adult rides, Ferris wheels, waltzers, even children's bumper cars. Such rides are usually referred to as "juvenile rides" or just juveniles. There are other items for children, slides, mirror mazes funhouse


Sports Event

Sunday Football :  ADO Den Haag Eredivisie


ADO (All Through Exercise) was established on February 1, 1905. The club started life in the former cafe 'The Court of Berlin "on the Papestraat 32 in The Hague. The cafe was owned by the father of one of the boys (Jan van Gulik) who founded the club. The boys were at that time every day after school to play football at the foot of the Hague Tower. Football was still officially a sport that was practiced by boys from the higher classes, but gradually expanded the popularity of football spread to wider sections of the population.

early years



Events and 

festivals (die nog moeten komen):


Bevrijdingsfestival Den Haag 2012

Parade Den Haag 2012

Popronde Den Haag 2012

Zeeheldenfestival 2012

Plein Open 2012

Vet for Unity 2012

Koninginnemarkt  2012

Haags Uit Festival 2012

PopHotSpot 2012


Eerste naam van Festival Classique bekend Vandaag, tijdens de Internationale Vrouwendag, maakt Festival Classique 2011 de eerste naam van de lustrumeditie bekend. Want voor het eerst in die vijf jaar wordt het festival namelijk geopend door een vrouwelijke dirigent. De Chinese Xian Zhang maakt haar opwachting in Den Haag als gastdirigente van drie concerten van het Residentie Orkest tijdens Festival Classique. In een nog altijd overheersend ‘mannenberoep’ is Zhang een inspirerend voorbeeld voor de vooruitstrevende vrouw.



Na vele maanden van voorbereidingen zijn ze er weer. Onze Haagse Klassieken. Met trots presenteren zij weer een gevarieerd en bijzonder seizoen. U kunt op de website alle concerten bekijken

Haagse Koninginnedag