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There are always plenty of things to do in The Hague, with the city being extremely proud of its huge calendar of festivals. Events regularly take place each month in The Hague and range from carnival parades and live music, to beer festivals, fireworks and even sand sculpting, starting off with the rather chilly Winter Swim on New Year's Day.


Late April sees the KoninginneNach, when The Hague hosts a huge anticipatory party to celebrate the arrival of Queen's Day (Koninginnedag) on the following day, when street entertainment and markets can be expected.

Den Haag's Scheveningen International Sand Sculpture Festival is a particular highlight in May, as is The Hague Jazz Festival, which attracts both Danish and international jazz artists. view of the Kurhaus hotel.


The Hague Events and Festivals: Indonesian culture is celebrated during the Eurasian festival known as the Pasar Malam Besar, held in The Hague during the months of both May and June, while at the very end of June, the Parkpop music festival is one not to miss. Drawing crowds of more than 350,000 each year, Park Pop takes place in Zuiderpark and is the biggest free outdoor concert in the whole of Europe.


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Evenement :

fietsroute Haagse Landgoederen,If you follow the route Hague Estates, your cycling quickly Forest in The Hague. This area was once part of a great forest that stretched to Alkmaar. Despite the current forest is narrow, you can see much.

There live hawks and kingfishers. Red deer. And there grow large old trees. Furthermore you come during the tour of several estates such as Clingendael and Beech Hage. And during the summer months in Katwijk you can enjoy a beautiful view over the dunes from the lighthouse from 1605. You can see the route as long as you want: 23 or 48 kilometers. The Hague Central Station, you can rent a bike, check in advance or just For more information about the process. And do not forget the world famous pancakes to eat pancakes at the house on the Malieveld.



Coming To Town

ABN AMRO CPC Loop Den Haag

Locatie : Den Haag Datum : March 11, 2012 Internet : Inlichtingen via : Den Haag Marketing Telefoonnummer : 0900-3403505 (€ 0,45 pm) Halve marathon voor KNAU leden en atleten van buitenlandse bonden. Daarnaast recreatieve afstandslopen.

This Month


Locatie : Koninginnekermis op Lange Voorhout, Lange Vijverberg, Buitenhof en Frederik Hendriklaan.  Datum : 20-04-2012 tm 06-05-2012

n Sunday, 29 April, the night preceding Queen's Day (Koninginnedag), The Hague’s city centre will be transformed into a huge outdoor festival eight hours long during the Life I Live Festival.


Movies that Matter Festival. Locatie : Filmhuis Den Haag/Theater aan het Spui Datum : 24-03-2011 tm 30-03-2011 Internet : Film- en debat festival met speelfilms en documentaires van inspirerende filmmakers die het debat over mensenrechten aanwakkeren.




Life I Live Festival Locatie Binnenstad Den Haag Datum : 29-04-2012 Internet : Inlichtingen via : Prooost Telefoonnummer : 070-3606033 Dynamische muziekfestival op 7 buitenpodia en tal van binnenpodia met diverse muziekstijlen waarbij kwaliteitsmuziek centraal staat.




Evenement :

Part of new Scheveningen Boulevard open

Members of the public can already walk on the first kilometre of the new boulevard in Scheveningen between SEA LIFE and the terminus loop for Tram 11. Deputy Mayor Marnix Norder will officially open this portion of the boulevard on 30 March.


Pedestrians and cyclists can already take possession of this part of the boulevard, which was designed by the Spanish-Catalonian architect Manuel de Solà-Morales, who died in February 2012.


Over the past two years this part of the boulevard was a giant construction site while undergoing a complete metamorphosis. An additional dike was constructed with two seawalls which are able to withstand a powerful storm and high water.


The new boulevard was built against and on top of the dike. It is made up of different heights, meant to separate pedestrians, cyclists and cars as much as possible.


‘Fairytale Sculptures by the Sea’ located by Museum Beelden aan Zee will officially reopen on 4 April.


More information can be found on the website of Nieuwe Boulevard Scheveningen.


Festival: Walk the Line festival Locatie : Binnenstad Den Haag Datum : 11-05-2012 tm 12-05-2012 Internet : Inlichtingen via : Crossing Border Telefoonnummer : 070-3462355 Nationale- en internationale acts op verschillende plaatsen in de Haagse binnenstad, voor de liefhebbers van alternatieve pop, rock en dance.

Locaties: Paard van Troje, de Lutherse Kerk, De Supermarkt en de Zwarte Ruiter op De Grote Markt.


Kaarten voor vrijdag 11 mei kosten 25 euro.

Een passe-partout voor beide dagen kost 40 euro.



Koninginnekermis  / Queen‘s Funfair

Haagse Koninginnedag