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Our City : The Hague - Den Haag of 's-Gravenhage with 494,898 inhabitants (31 December 2010, source: CBS) is the third largest city in the Netherlands. The metropolitan area has 1,017,937 inhabitants.  The Hague is the capital of the province of South Holland. The Dutch government and parliament are located in the city, and it is the residence of the royal huis.Al The Hague is not the capital of the Netherlands, plays an important part of the role usually reserved for a capital city. So are almost all embassies and ministries in The Hague. The name of the city is also linked to national and international courts like the Supreme Court. The Hague is a center for international justice and peace and politics is just like New York, Geneva and Vienna a major UN city.

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The Town Square : Traditionally, the place or Die Haghe Den Hag (h) e said. From the early 17th century used the City Council officially named the Hague, which sounds more dignified and a contraction of "graaf ha (a) you (probably when it was already understood as: the Hague (= forest) van de Graaf (Holland)). The old name of The Hague was popularly exist.  Since 1990 the municipality consistently used the name instead of The Hague The Hague, also in connection with the internationalization of the royal residence, its current status of global justice center (with the ICJ and the ICC), and to join foreign names like The Hague (English), La Haye (French), The Hague (German), Haag (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish), La Haya (Spanish), L'Aia (Italian), A Haia (Portuguese ) Gaaga (Russian) and Haga (Romanian).  In 1990, a proposal to officially name the town in The Hague to change, however afgewezen.In passports / identity cards and official documents of the municipality is therefore always Hague. The railways and the AA, however, use the shorter name of The Hague.  'The Hague' also has a metaphorical meaning - the diminutive form is sometimes used for 'stately' style place or one that is associated with the monarchy. Thus, the Hague of the East Arnhem and Breda or the Hague of the South called (see history of Breda). Or compare with the Fries Haagje (= Heerenveen). Finally, 'The Hague' for the Dutch government and politics in general.  Hague was also traditionally the place where active in the Dutch colonies Dutch extended leave their wont to spend. After independence from the Dutch East Indies, many Indonesian Dutch in The Hague to live, hence the nickname The Widow of the Indies.

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The Old Quarter The Hague, or "Den Haag" as it is called in Holland, has been in existence since around the year 1250. Today, the city is the capital of the province of South Holland (Zuid-Holland) and the official seat of the Dutch government. The Hague is not, however, the Dutch capital; that honor belongs to Amsterdam. The Hague’s history goes has never been humble, even as long ago as 650 years. Around the year 1250, Count William the Second of Holland – and Roman Catholic King of the German Empire – had a castle built next to a small lake, which today is the Hofvijver (Hofpond). Apparently, the reason he built his castle in what was then the middle of nowhere, was that he did not want to offend any of the cities under his rule by preferring one of them over the others.





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